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Video Production

As a skilled video editor, I have a strong ability to create engaging promotional content with a cohesive story. My daily workflow includes proficiently working with photo and video editing software within Adobe Creative Cloud while simultaneously performing administrative tasks using the Microsoft Office Suite. Whether it's editing, color grading, or motion graphics, I pride myself on my ability to bring creative and innovative ideas to the table and deliver exceptional results.

NEWS Imaging / popS

As a Writer/Producer in Promotions I create seasonal brand imaging and proof-of-performance promos for television and digital content.

Generic Weather Spring 15s Promo

Role: Writer / Producer / Editor

Floodwatch 15s Promo

Role: Writer / Producer / Editor

Generic Spring 30s Promo

Role: Writer / Producer / Editor

News Topicals

I also write, produce, and edit daily promotional content for news programs coordinating between various departments within my organization and overseeing all production elements.

CTVML 15s Daily Promo

News at Six 15s Daily Promo

Role: Writer / Producer / Editor

Role: Writer / Producer / Editor

Videography projects

As a videographer, I possess a range of skills from production to editing that allow me to bring video projects to life. From working with green-screen technology to interviewing strangers on the street, I am capable of managing all stages of a video project with ease. My passionate commitment to video projects is evident in the creativity I bring to every task. Whether it's script development, storyboarding, or post-production editing, I approach each step with enthusiasm and dedication to achieving the best possible outcome.

Age and Opportunity: #Ageism

Age and Opportunity: #Ageism
(Kids' Perspective)

Role: Videographer / Producer / Editor

These were created for a live event to play as an introduction for the next speaker.

Rivers's Edge Resort

Role: Videographer / Writer / Producer / Editor

A promotional video for a beautiful wedding venue.
The aerial shots and photos were supplied and the rest is all me!

Vote Jeff Palmer 

Vote Jeff Palmer - Final Push

Role: Videographer / Producer / Editor

I volunteered to help promote the campaign with these videos. One of the videos had almost 10,000 views! I had the chance to use a combo of footage from my iPhone 11 pro, my DSLR as well as my Go Pro.

He Loves Shortbread

Decorating Like a Starboy

Role: Graphic Artist / Producer / Editor

Christmas Parody lyric videos for the Virgin Radio Winnipeg website.

Family Xmas Video 2019 

Family Xmas Video 2020

Role: Videographer / Writer / Producer / Editor

Demonstrating my use of green-screen technology and our fun family dynamic during the holidays.

Father's Day Card w VO

Role: Videographer / Writer / Producer / Editor

I am always expressing myself through my creative storytelling. My most favourite type of production is the kind that pulls at the heart strings and create a sentimental reaction.

Inside Scoop: This video was made only with an iPhone 11 Pro, complete with the voice-over.

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