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A Bit About Me

I've always had a natural ability for audio/video engineering and production. Learning the technical aspects came very easily to me and at a young age it sparked my passion for digital design which has always been a creative outlet for me.

I learn quickly so I welcome change and challenges.

Finding my way into the media industry over ten years ago has kept my passion alive as a valuable and contributing asset in both my professional and personal life.

Take a look around and you'll see samples of my versatility, strong hands-on work ethic, leadership, and exceptional creativity.

Skills & Expertise:

  • A strong creative storyteller using writing, filming, editing, and technical production of audio, video, and print content.

  • Experience with producing digital media content for broadcast in a major market.  

  • Proven ability to efficiently coordinate and manage multiple tasks and resources for the successful completion of projects.  

  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Extensive experience with creating promotional and advertising content for internal and external campaigns and partnerships. 

  • Experience with developing marketing strategies for external clients. 

  • Experience providing direction as a group lead, in a supervisory role, and one-to-one.

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